No. 02 | Manchester Attack 2017

Last night, at 22:35 BST, there was a terrorist attack in Manchester. 22 people (including children) dead and 59 hurt.

At the same time I was in my dorm in Sheffield watching a show on Netflix.

Terrorist attacks have been occurring with an ever increasing frequency over the past couple years but I have not been as close to one as I was last night. It is extremely scary to know that acts of terrorism are so prevalent in the UK while I’m living here.

As a Singaporean, I am have been made well aware of terrorism and what to do in the case of a terror attack. Students in Singapore are educated about terrorism and we know of the threats to our society. We know, in theory.

Despite being extremely aware of what terrorism can do, no one ever thinks that they could be a direct victim of an act of terrorism.

I honestly still don’t think that I could be a victim. Which is stupid, isn’t it? Perhaps I am in denial or just don’t want to constantly live in fear of being killed by an act of selfishness.

To those who may be concerned, South Yorkshire is not hugely impacted by the bombing. and I’m far out of reach from the chaos.

However, the Manchester attack has definitely left its mark on the UK as a whole.

Terrorism is scary because it can reach people from all walks of life, at all times, in all circumstances and most times, we don’t see it coming.

No matter where you are in the world, everyone should remain vigilant and be careful.

Life is not worth living in fear. So it is important that we are not consumed by constant thoughts of death. To focus on family and friends is what will get us through times of chaos and fear.

My heart goes out to anyone affected by the attack.

For more information on the attack, you can visit 


23 May 2017



No. 02 | Manchester Attack 2017

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